Top 7 Things to do before you move back to India

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The procedure to change the status from a non-resident of India (NRI) to resident of India (RoI) is not as straightforward as we’d like it to be. However, at Vroomble, we can tell you how it can be smooth and hassle free. Be it any reason – like work culture, family constraints, VISA expiration. Our checklist designed from past movers will give you all the information that you need before your move back home. Here you go!

1.  Settle your finances and do close all that is outstanding. Inform your bank about impending change in your status and get your accounts changed from NRO and NRE to resident accounts. These can be maintained as savings, fixed or recurring or deposit, current, accounts in India. However, FCNR (B) accounts should be held till maturity and thereafter be mandatorily converted to a Rupee account. These accounts are only in the form of term deposits.

2.   It is recommended that you close your DP/PMS accounts and open afresh as Indian resident before you relocate to avoid any kind of intricacies in handling your share holdings. Do NOT ignore your 401 (k). Remember it is not just for Green Card holders or citizens. It is equally useful for H1 b Visa holders. Please note that the 401(k) distribution is subject to income tax along with a 10% early withdrawal fee.

3.   Settle your apartment lease; else, you will end up paying a penalty for not giving the notice in advance. But, if you own a house or automobiles, plan ahead to sell them and not wait till the eleventh hour. If you have items that can be disposed of donated, then get in touch with authorities in concern.

4.   Failing to lock your SSN or credit card(s) can put you in real trouble. We all know how easy it is to trap someone in an online fraud. Update your details with IRS.

5.   It is essential to create OCI or PIO for kids born in US if they want to visit India. For extension of stay, you’ll need to submit a registration application in the first 30 days after the expiration of 60 days stay in India.

6.   There are two modes of shipping your stuff – ocean and air freight. Shipping through ocean is cheaper compared to air, however, it takes a longer time. Gather all information about shipping – like custom duties ─ to make the process hassle-free.

7.   And finally, be on the lookout for a job if you don’t wish to continue with your current company.

If you are worried about opting multiple services to get your local solutions in India, Vroomble is your one stop solution. Visit and we’ll plan your move in advance in hassle free way!

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